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Timewreck at 28.5 THC!

We are excited to announce that we have cultivated the Timewreck flower to reach a THC percentage of 28.5! We think this is amazing! and this could be so far the highest rating THC level for this strain in all its history. (strain by TGA Genetics) The Timewreck THC level is 28.5% and the CBD level is .07. We hope you enjoy our strains. – White Tygh Farms

High THC Cannabis

We have another White Tygh Dream update for you. We recently received a new lab report on our new batch of White Tygh Dream and we are now at 34.1% THC! Congratulations Cole!

We hope you all enjoy our premium artisan cannabis, grown my our amazing Master Grower, Cole. Have a great day! – View Lab Report